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In Allard Support for Better Life Group you will find the following companies. This is only a short description, 
but if you follow the link  you will learn more about the expertise and brands offered by these fine companies and how they can be of help for you.

  • Camp Scandinavia

    Camp Scandinavia

    Camp Scandinavia is our Scandinavian based operations with headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden and offices with warehouse in Helsinki, Finland and Oslo, Norway. Camp Scandinavia is a wholesale company that markets and sells products into the Healthcare market with its own products and also represents a number of leading manufacturers from all over the world. To learn more about Camp Scandinavia follow this link.

    Camp Scandinavia Sweden
    Camp Scandinavia Denmark
    Camp Scandinavia Finland
    Camp Scandinavia Norway
  • Camp Mobility

    Camp Mobility

    Camp Mobility is our Finnish based company that deals with products for Mobility on the Finnish market only. The main product brand is Invacare® and Camp Mobility have a close cooperation with Invacare in Sweden. To learn more about Camp Mobility follow this link.

    Camp Mobility Suomi
  • Allard International

    Allard International

    Allard International is our Export Brand. The products presented under the Allard International umbrella are all unique and from our own R&D Organization. To learn more about Allard International follow this link.

    Allard International
  • Allard USA

    Allard USA

    Allard USA is our sales and marketing organization in North America. The products that are available from Allard USA are all unique and from our own R&D Organization. To learn more about Allard USA follow this link.

    Allard USA
  • Allard UK

    Allard UK

    Allard UK is our sales and marketing organization in Great Britain. The products that are available from Allard UK are all unique and from our own R&D Organization. Allard UK is also the manufacturing unit for Boston Brace products in Europe. To learn more about Allard UK follow this link.

    Allard UK
  • Allard Manufacturing

    Allard Manufacturing

    Allard Manufacturing is our production site in Malmö, Sweden. This production is mainly focused on Carbon Composite products. The facility has state-of-the-art production capability and capacity to produce high functional orthoses. To learn more about Allard Manufacturing follow the link.

    Allard Manufacturing
  • Runlite S.A.

    Runlite S.A.

    Runlite is our manufacturing facility based in Liege, Belgium. This company’s expertise is based on producing Thermoplastic materials with different cotton based fabrics that are intended for Casting, Splinting and other orthopedic solutions. Runlite offers a version of this thermoplastic material specifically for the Veterinary market, and another version specially designed for Theaters, Cinema scenery, Sculpture, Masks, Armors and different kinds of Creations. The method of manufacturing is highly unique. It is NON-Toxic and can be shaped and re-used over and over again in any shape or format. To learn more about Runlite follow the link.

    Runlite S.A.
  • Evers Composite

    Evers Composite

    Evers Composite specializes in the development, construction and manufacturing of carbon-fibre reinforced plastics and composites. The company is founded on knowledge and experience from many years of manufacturing products for the marine, military and aviation industries. Today, our products are mainly used within healthcare, but can be used for a wide range of applications in other industries as well. The company, based in southern Sweden, has a long list of well-known customers, including names like Bombardier Transportation and Siemens Medical Systems. . To learn more about Evers Composite follow the link.

    Evers Composite
  • Dralla Foundation

    Dralla Foundation

    The mission of Dralla Foundation is to support programs geared toward providing an environment for children and adults with physical challenges to have fun! Dralla Foundation was founded by Peter Allard, President of Allard USA: manufacturer of a range of orthopedic devices designed to improve physical function and enhance the quality of life for individuals with physical challenges. The testimonials of the wearers of these devices inspired Peter to give back to individuals with physical challenges and start Dralla Foundation. Dralla will award grants to other organizations who share their mission.

    Dralla Foundation
  • Team Get Back UP!

    Team Get Back UP!

    TeamUP is the first national team composed of 10 co-captains who all live with foot drop. From a triathlete, to a marathoner, and a teacher to a wounded veteran, each member has a unique story and different cause of foot drop, including Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, Multiple Sclerosis, FSHD Muscular Dystrophy and spinal injury. Everyone has a Story to Tell – below is a link to just a few of the hundreds of Get Back Up stories we’ve heard over the years. Want to tell us about your journey?

    Team Get Back Up Today!
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