Allard Support for Better Life.

Allard Support for Better Life is the name for the company group. In Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) we operate under the name Camp Scandinavia, a name with a history dating back to the 1950’s, that is well-known and holds strong market position. In other markets we operate under the name Allard, Allard International, Allard USA, Allard UK. More information about the different local companies can be found under corporate information above.

Peter Allard President

Company Values

Our corporate values help us feel confident and work towards the same goals. They form the basis of everything we do, creating momentum, simplicity, and clarity internally and towards customers and partners.



With commitment, innovation and a solid management system we ensure high quality and long-term efficiency.



We improve the quality of life for our customers through cost-efficient and innovative solutions.



We use our means to support people and causes that reflects our vision.



Reducing our environmental impact contributes to a sustainable business and environment.