The Camp Group

Many that work within the O&P field or Physical Therapy field have sometimes come in contact with the name CAMP.  It may have been in connection with different back supports or other textil orthotics. The name Camp is well known not only in Scandinavia since the early 50th, but also throughout the World as a textile manufacture and a pioneer with in textile back supports and education in this field.

In Europé Camp Scandinavia have been working closly with a Group of other companies - Basko HealthcarePRIM och Tielle- together we form "The CAMP Group".

By leveraging each other's expertise and opportunities we can create a broad base for product and technical expertise to provide the European market with the best possible products and satisfied users.

If you are interested in further information about the CAMP-Group please contact

Camp Scandinavia, Phone +46 42 25 27 00, E-mail

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